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I still can't believe my son mooned his mother.
             Many waters

River banks
Plastered with towels,
Lawn chairs,
Barking dogs,
And people...
Spilling into the waters.
Beer cans six-packed in plastic
Line the rocky shores.
Children in faded swimsuits
Cascade one after another
Down the slippery slopes.
The ritual will last
Through the long hot day,
And then finally
People will leave.
Family by family
They load into cars
And drive back down
The mountain road,
Leaving behind
A peaceful serenity.
The water comes, endlessly,
Over the smooth mossy rock
Hewn by nature,
I sit at the foot
Of the tumbling waters,
Absorbing the spray.
Drinking in visions
Of sleek tanned bodies,
Throwing long spears
At the many fish,
Focusing life's final breath
Into one last jump.
Young maidens chanting blessings
Upon the men's skillful endeavors.
Small dark-haired children
Emanating happy noises,
Sliding down the face
Of this huge rock.
The sun is setting
I am alone....
All this beauty surrounding me.
The wispy Cherokee sky heightens
The intensity of the moment.
I lay quietly here,
Here on the rock...
My arms outstretched,
Watching the water cascade.
"If I couldn't hear this,
I could feel...
I can feel the roar."

                                                   Sheryl Hamilton Chaney
South Umpqua Falls Check out the shadow
South Umpqua River at Doumont Campground
      Fragrance of You

As I sit looking up through the
Tree limbs to the expanse beyond,
See the sunrise over the hill
Catching the sparkle
In the ripples of the water,
I know that God is . . .

As I watch the flames lap at
The wood in the campfire,
Nestled in glowing embers
And hear the wind sing softly
As the full moon rises
I know that God is . . .

I feel peace in my soul as
The sun goes down
And I feel the draw,
The ebb and flow of ocean waves
Pulling me closer to His love.
I feel the love of another
Drawing me . . .

To the apex of existence
And I know,
Only God could create this,
And I wonder . . .
Do you feel it too?

Sheryl Hamilton Chaney
An old stump in the morning sun, a peaceful sight in the Umpqua National Forest.