I like hummingbirds
In Fuchsia bush,
A held breath . . .
A quiet hush.

Freedom that flies on wings,
Bobsie twins and blue jeans,
Far away places . . .
And yesterday's dreams.

I like sunshine and sand castles,
Sea shells and windy places,
Galleries and gift shops . . .
And smiling faces.

Prisms in early morning sun,
Waterfalls bathed in spray,
Dew in the grass . . .
Fountains on a windy day.

High mountain lake
And meadow flower,
Puffy parades above . . .
Pools of unhurried water.

I like rainbows and sunshine
When the rains stop,
A quiet prayer . . .
On a mountaintop.

Marshmallows and smoky campfires
And wind in tall trees,
Peaceful river song . . .
And echoes in the breeze.

I like gingerbread cookies,
Happy tears and heartfelt hugs,
Red hair ribbons . . .
And egg nog in mugs.

A child's chocolate covered face,
Rocking chair's soft refrain,
Sparkled breath . . .
On frozen window pane.

Christmas lights and candy canes,
Stars on a dark night,
A blanket of new fallen snow . . .
Through warm window's delight.

I like cinnamon and hot cider,
Cranberries and pumpkin pie,
Bells that ring . . . ding-a-ling . . .
Sweet memory's lullaby.

I like me
I like you too.

Sheryl Hamilton Chaney
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White Dove Flying
                         Hello You!

                    Hello you!  Yes, you, standing there,
                                                       Looking back at me.
                    I saw you under the cherry tree,
          Eating cherries and looking back at me.
You delight me!

                    Hello you!  Yes, you, smiling to yourself.
                                                      I saw the smile,
                    The one you tried to hide from me,
          Eating cherries and looking back at me.
You excite me!

                     Hello you!  Yes, you, looking back,
                                                       To see if I saw,
                      Just a casual lingering glance,
          Before you looked the other way.
Invite me!

Sheryl Hamilton Chaney

Published in, "In Other Words"
                                                            An American Poetry Anthology
                                                            Western Reading Services
                                                            1998.  Denver, Colorado

                                                             My first published peom
     An Embryo In The Belly Of Fast Forward

Up          up---
         Existence swallowed
         Into the land of the Snow Queen.
         Led by her cotton candy caravan
Through the columns
         Of the great white palace.
Escaping at last
Into cold icy chunks,
         Floating in infinite blue,
Bathed in a northern breath
Like a phantom white wolf,
Then blue          below and above---

A held breath---
          Anticipation and wonder,
          Awed by the existence
          Of an eternal Creator
Reposing in soft sandy silt,
          He rolls and stretches His massive frame
Forming valleys and hills.
Raising to an elbow
          He fashions mountain peaks.
He lifts Himself up, leaving hand prints and hollows
And tosses stones into the waters,
Splashing and dotting the covering of the earth.

Down          down---
A rushing whirlwind,
The belly of fast forward
Becomes yesterday's memory.

Sheryl Hamilton Chaney

I managed the first half-century of my life without ever experiencing travel by air.  In my imagination I had flown the world over.  This poem is based on my first flying experience.  Flying above the clouds delighted me.  Then the clouds melted away, revealing a minature world below.  The awesomeness of creation left me speechless.  Well--- almost speechless.  I'm never totally without words.