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by Virginia Woolf
                A Memory

A walk on a mountain road---
                Any mountain road,
                I've been here before,
                    Heard that jay---
                 The call of the crow,
               Wild strawberry carpet,
                  Filberts scattered---
                   Wind in the trees,
         All a part of yesterday's memories.

                   Prisms in the dew
              From early morning sun,
               Shine through tree tops,
                   And foliage below.
             A lonely enchanted walk,
        Through an early morning forest,
             With yesterday's memory.

                                                              Sheryl Hamilton Chaney
                                                                1st Place Winner in
                                                                 Earth Day Poetry Contest
                                                                 Roseburg, OR, June 99

                                                                 Published in
The Mustard Steed         
                                                                A Northwest Christian
                                                                 College Publication
                                                                 June 99
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